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Are you ready for the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards?

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) come into force 1 April 2018.

Are you ready? Do you know what the implications are?

In relation to commercial buildings, the standards will require properties subject to new leases and renewals to achieve an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of at least an E rating.

How can this be achieved if your building falls short of this?

We would recommend looking at your current EPC rating and checking the accuracy before any work is taken to actually try and improve it. Here at Energylab, we carry out a number of assessments, but we do so in a detailed way, such that the inputs actually reflect what is installed, rather than broad assumptions. This takes a bit longer and is slightly more expensive to carry out, but our experience has shown us this provides a much more accurate end result.

Many assessments are carried out as a ‘quick fix’ and use default values, which are often not even verified by means of a site visit. Reviewing your EPC might be a worthwhile exercise if this applies to your rating – more accurate information on permeability, fabric, lighting, etc might make all the difference.

On the  flip side though, some research has been carried out that suggests about 30% of buildings with D or E ratings actually show worse results if accurate data is input, rather than default values. This then does require action and Energylab, as Low Carbon Consultants and Designers, can also assist.

Surely it is time to be serious about energy saving and ensure these assessments accurately reflect what is being installed? Only then can we look at what measures are needed to genuinely improve the performance of our buildings.

Want more information on EPC and designing for energy improvements? Please do visit our website to see some of the retrofit project we have been involved in or drop us an email on info@energy-lab.co.uk.

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