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Attracting and Nurturing Talent

Regular readers of our blogs will know that at Energylab we are passionate about developing our talented team, and also helping attract new talent to our industry.

 So a recent survey published by The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) regarding recruitment of young engineers – Recruitment Solutions 2020 – made a very interesting read, with some surprising results.

 The analysis of engineering sectors that graduates wanted to work was particularly interesting. The Energy sector was the largest, at over 40%, however there was no real breakdown of exactly how that was made up. Construction & Building Services was mid table at 14.5%, which is really encouraging to see, given that the sectors were very broad and covered over 15 separate areas. However, in our view there is definitely an overlap between these sectors, so it would be useful to see further details on the breakdown of this. We will dig a little further…

 Another interesting result from the survey was the top 3 factors that graduates look for in a role: salary, progression / training and company culture. This is of particular interest to prospective employers in such a competitive recruitment market. Whilst salary is one aspect that graduates place importance on, this result highlights that it is not all about the money. Future prospects, investment in staff and an ethical outlook all play important roles. And it’s not just this survey that shows the importance of development and progression. Research by Investors in People (IIP) revealed that 33% of people left their job last year due to lack of career progression. This just goes to show how important it is to have a plan in place to nurture and constantly develop talent. 

 Our Founding Partner, Marian Ferguson, has seen many examples where talented engineers have left the industry due to outdated attitudes and working practices. Lack of investment and training is also a major factor – during a recession the training budget is often the first to be hit, and this can be seen in the skills gap many years later.

 Marian will be touching on this subject again (her favourite subject at the moment!), when she speaks on one of the panels at the European Women in Construction & Engineering Summit on 23 April. The panel will be discussing ‘As a woman in architecture, construction and engineering, how can you elevate others as you lead’. A hot topic and Marian and fellow panellists only have an hour to discuss and field questions on that one! 

At Energylab we are committed to growing organically and nurturing our staff to be all they can be, and this will always stay with us as a priority as we develop and grow. Our company culture is one of openness and collaboration, and this attitude has underpinned our mission statement right from the very start.

 We hope that others will do the same, and together we will ensure our industry maintains a healthy and happy pool of talented engineers.

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