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Brexit – What does it mean for managing energy in your building?

Many of the current legal obligations for energy management are based on EU legislation, such as DECs and ESOS, so will Brexit affect the way be manage energy in the future?

The answer, like most Brexit answers at the moment, is ‘maybe’.

Unsurprisingly environmental and energy management legislation is complex and will take some unpicking, but here is a synopsis of what we do know:

UK Legislation such as Climate Change Levy, Enhanced Capital Allowances and other legislation relating to energy metering should remain unchanged as they have no interface with EU Directives or Legislation.

Legislation brought into force to implement an EU Directive, such as Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, is likely to be reviewed. This includes legislation covering Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), Display Energy Certificates (DEC), Air Conditioning Inspections (ACI) and Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Some of the UK Building Regulations, such as Part L, also have an element of EU related requirements.

Here at Energylab, we will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates, however Facility Managers and Asset Managers will need to prepare for a change.


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