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Goodbye January…

January always brings mixed feelings. The start of the month holds great promise – a new page turned and we are all full of new and exciting ideas and resolutions for the year ahead. But by mid-month the sheen has worn off; the resolutions are already becoming a drag and payday feels like a lifetime away. It’s safe to say that, for most of us, the January blues have well and truly kicked in.

But here at Energylab we attacked January with our usual gusto!

To kick off the year we all got together to discuss our plans for 2020, and each of us agreed our business goals for the year ahead. As with everything we do, the 2020 strategy was discussed openly as a team and we all collaborated on the final ‘road map’ for the 12 months ahead.

As well as the obvious business goals, one of our targets is to become a certified BCorp; a global movement of businesses who want to make a real difference in the world. Our aim is to achieve this by the end of the year, so watch this space for updates on that!

In terms of new work, January can often be a mixed bag. Sometimes it all goes crazy the first week back. But other times, as with this year, new instructions are a little more steady. So far in the start of 2020, we have secured healthy repeat business, which reinforces our ethos – we listen, we collaborate and we provide excellent customer service, no exceptions. 

January has also seen some other exciting good news stories for us:

  • Our Founding Director, Marian Ferguson, takes part in the CIBSE Mentoring programme, and we are delighted that one of her mentees has now successfully made it to Member and Chartered Engineer status. Congratulations all round!
  • Marian’s recent presentation at CIBSE Build2Perform got coverage in the CIBSE Journal. A big win for the little guys!
  • We had a steady stream of enquiries from both new and existing clients. Our message is getting out there!
  • Cannes 2020 planning is well underway. Watch this space for more details!
  • We now have a number of projects on site, which is good news for the Construction industry. Projects are moving!
  • At Energylab we love to learn and grow. And January was no exception. We took part in a number of CPD sessions relating to new products and regulations. More on that in future blogs!

However time marches on, and what seems like the longest month has finally come to an end and we are excitedly moving on to the next chapter. 

Bring on February!

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