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It is not all about the carbon!

Building Services Engineers Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency is a movement to raise awareness of this emergency and push for change in our industry.

Energylab are on the Steering Group, representing the smaller practices who perhaps, for whatever reason, feel they do not have a voice on the matter. But we’re here to change that. 

As one of the signatories and part of the Steering Group, Energylab Founding Director Marian Ferguson recently presented at the mini-conference all about applying sustainable design principles to smaller projects, focussing on the fit out market.

“There is certainly much we can do in this sector, not least looking at how we can reduce waste, particularly in a CAT A to CAT B scenario” says Marian. “As designers, we should always look at innovative solutions and question everything. The adoption of clever design and real cross discipline collaboration can make a real difference.” 

The top image summarises the presentation, highlighting some of the key questions we should all be asking ourselves on every project.

Sustainable design is not just about LZC technologies or carbon dioxide emissions, it is also about adopting principles to reduce waste and embrace circular economy principles. In our view, recycling should be the last option – think reuse or repurpose instead. That’s where the real impact can be had.