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The ‘New Normal’ – it’s not just about the Physical and not Everything needs to change

While the nation eagerly awaits the next phase announcement on Sunday, there is much activity within our industry about ‘back to work office readiness’ in the much talked about ‘new normal’.

We are already looking at what this will mean with a number of clients and collaborators, but we are also interested in the personal aspect of this, not just the physical workplace changes.

So, where better to start than our own team, asking what they want to do in the next ‘new normal’. Some interesting answers!

Q: What will we do differently post lockdown, obviously whilst following government guidelines?
– No agile working in the office for hygiene reasons – I will be removing my mouse and keyboard every evening.
– Avoid public transport.
– Cycle to work.
– Will consider driving to work some days to avoid public transport. (Need to work on that one!)
– Work from home some days.
– Think carefully about how I greet people – no hugs or handshaking.
– Embrace teleconferencing for project meetings.
–  Stop snacking on the office biscuits.

Q: What practices will you keep doing/readopt post lockdown?
– Coming into the office – I miss the team interaction.
– Face to face meetings, within safe social distancing of course.
– I already cycle or walk to meetings and will definitely continue to do so.
– Refuse to drink instant coffee.
– Still eat the office biscuits……

At Energylab, we do things differently. However some of these ‘different things’ will remain.

What will you be doing differently and what will definitely be staying…..?

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